EZstrip™ Cake Pump



    Following the successful launch of the revolutionary EZstrip progressing cavity pump, Mono has developed the EZstrip Cake Pump
    to make the process of maintaining a cake pump easy.

    The EZstrip cake pump features a specially designed feed chamber which is easily disconnected allowing access to the rotor and
    screw conveyor assembly. The rotor can then be separated from the conveyor allowing removal of the rotor and stator while in-situ,
    without disconnecting suction and delivery pipework.

    This process can take as little as 6 minutes. Imagine the time savings you could achieve when maintaining an EZstrip cake pump!

    Capacity Pressure Temperature
    m³/h 49 bar 24 °C -10 up to 100
    gpm 216 psi 350 °F 14 up to 212


    Thickened sludge cake (up to 40% dry solids content) Dewatered sludge
    Sludge blending Lime powder dosing
    Lime slurry dosing Barrier layer injection


    Features & Benefits
    - Quick and easy to maintain in place
    - Reduced maintenance downtime and labour savings
    - No need to disconnect suction and discharge pipework, even when removing the screw conveyor
    - Detachable feed chamber supplied as standard
    - Side inlet port allows addition of thin sludge for blending and can also be used for draining the pump
    - Large auger design as standard - ribbon auger available to assist blending/conveying of product into the pump
    - Option of a separate bridge breaker mounted directly on top of the hopper to ensure optimum filling of the auger feed screw



    Performance Data

    Download Brochure (.PDF)