Handling corrosive wastewater containing a substantial amount of solids and/or fibrous matter poses distinct challenges. For times
    like these, there’s the Flygt D 8000, a stainless steel submersible vortex pump. Designed to tackle tough fluid handling challenges,
    the Flygt D 8000 does the jobs that no other pump can do – reliably and cost-efficiently.

    The Flygt D 8000 is a highly reliable submersible vortex pump that cost-effectively transports corrosive media. Completely made of stainless steel AISI 316, the Flygt D 8000 features a vortex impeller and wide throughlet that ensure consistent performance over time, trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance.

    Engineered for demanding and potentially explosive environments, the Flygt D 8000 easily transports corrosive media for municipal sewage and industrial wastewater applications, with maximum 500 ppm chlorides, just as easily as it does for a wide range of
    applications in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and textile industries.


    Advantages :

    Reliable, cost-efficient performance.
    Non-clogging vortex design delivers highly reliable, cost-effective performance.

    Excellent corrosion-resistance.
    Pump materials easily handle highly acidic or alkaline liquids with pH values
    between 2 and 14.

    Reduced wear.
    Minimal direct contact of the impeller vanes with solids greatly reduces wear.

    Very low maintenance requirements.
    The wide throughlet and reduced radial forces on the impeller enables operation at very low flows or shut off for extended periods without damage.

    Slim pump design for installation into smaller sumps, where required.

    Thermal sensors embedded in the stator windings to prevent overheating.


    Installations :