Proper level regulation is critical for operational reliability. Lack of
    proper regulation can cause improper operation, pump damage
    or, in the worst case, overflow that results in environmental and
    economic consequences. With over a decade of experience and
    countless satisfied users, the natural choice for level regulation is
    the Flygt ENM-10.

    Simple, reliable and effective
    The Flygt ENM-10 level regulators are the ideal choice for most level
    control applications, such as wastewater pumping stations and
    ground water or drainage pumping. When the liquid level reaches
    the regulator, the bulb tilts, activating the internal microswitch, which
    starts or stops a pump or triggers an alarm device.

    Practically maintenance free
    The outer casing of Flygt ENM-10 level regulators are resistant to
    most aggressive liquids. The cable material prevents buildup of
    deposits and other impurities. Rather than floating on the surface,
    ENM-10 hangs immersed in the liquid. This prevents the cables
    from tangling when several regulators are used.
    Xylem testing indicates Flygt ENM-10 level regulators last several
    times longer than most standard level regulators. This ensures
    reliable operation and a low degree of maintenance, thereby
    keeping service costs down to a minimum over the life cycle.

    Environmentally friendly
    The Flygt ENM-10 level regulator contains no harmful or toxic
    materials such as lead or mercury and does not require the use of
    any adhesives. All plastic components are welded and screwed

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