Salt water, sludge and slurry, corrosive and abrasive liquids, and effluent with unpredictably high or low pH values. These are tough
    water transport challenges that require tough pumps. The Flygt 2700 series from Xylem are rugged stainless steel submersible
    dewatering pumps that handle tough drainage jobs and sludge removal with ease.

    Mines and quarries
    Open pit and underground
    dewatering with low pH
    value liquids, face and
    stage dewatering, leachate
    and solvent extractions,
    ore pile runoff removal.

    Fly ash removal, chemical
    transfer and basin drainage,
    pH neutralization

    Chemical industry
    Drainage of sumps with
    chemical effluents and low
    pH value liquids, transfer
    of chemical, corrosive and
    abrasive liquids.

    Public utility
    Utility drainage on landfill
    sites, drainage of acid
    sumps at wastewater
    treatment plants, removal
    of acidic or corrosive liquids
    at contaminated sites.

    Stainless steel when nothing else helps

    Corrosive environments call for something tougher,
    easier and more cost-effective to maintain than
    aluminium, cast iron or corrosion-protective coatings.
    That’s why the Flygt 2700 series for dewatering
    applications in environments with extreme pH levels
    is part of Xylem’s broad range of pumps for a wide
    variety of needs and applications.

    Handles the very acidic to the very alkaline
    Stainless steel enables our 2700 pumps to handle
    advanced drainage jobs in environments where the
    pH values are difficult to predict and can vary from
    between 2 and 10. This gives you optimal protection
    against all types of corrosion, even in exposed areas
    such as connections, as well as between the different
    components of the pump.

    Slimline simplicity
    Slimline Flygt 2700 pumps fit easily into confined spaces and can easily be moved whenever necessary. A convenient ring-shaped
    handle supports good manoeuvrability during installation, and serves as a sturdy stand when you turn the pump upside down for service.

    Reliable, trouble-free operation
    For the ultimate uptime, count on the Flygt 2700 series for continuity. Well-engineered and easy to use, these pumps offer simplicity in
    stainless steel. Few streamlined components contribute to unmatched robustness, handling ease and cost-effective spare parts handling.

    Flygt 2700 pumps can handle pH values from 2 to 10.