Mono Merlin Industrial Range


    A well established and proven pump design, the Merlin industrial pump offers you an economic and compact model,
    with in-built modular flexibility and both free moulded or moulded to metal stators.

    A detachable gland section allows easy access and interchangeability with mechanical seals and packed gland options.

    Capacity Pressure Temperature
    m³/h Up to 61 bar Up to 10 °C -10 up to 100
    gpm Up to 268 psi Up to 145 °F 14 up to 212


    Polyelectrolyte Acids
    Raw sewage Carbon slurries
    Digested sewage sludge Filter pressed sludges
    Aluminium sulphate Coal slurries
    Phosphoric acid Alum
    Caustic solutions Petroleum spirit
    Diesel fuel oil Ethylene glycol
    Clay slurry Titanium dioxide
    Bentonite slurry Starch
    Cattle slurry Liquid PVC

    Features & Benefits
    - Gentle pumping action minimises shear and crush damage to the pumped product
    - Self priming pump that can operate in either direction
    - Compact and rugged design for durability and reliable performance
    - Simple construction for ease of maintenance
    - Ability to turn suction chamber through 90° to faciliate installation
    - Ideal for shear sensitive and viscous materials, solids in suspension, abrasive and gas, liquids and solids mixtures
    - Pumps can be supplied to comply with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

    Performance Data

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