EZstrip™ Transfer Pump



    For the newest iteration of our EZstrip™ maintain-in-place progressing cavity pump we designed new features to make maintenance
    even more user friendly than before. In addition to our patented split suction chamber we’ve removed the tie bars, designed a new
    positive torque split coupling rod, and added in a captive support foot. That means faster, easier maintenance for you. The EZstrip has
    been specifically designed to provide a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a PC pump in-situ, eliminating the
    costly maintenance and down time that servicing can often cause.


    Domestic sewage Industrial effluents
    Hydrated lime slurry Sludge
    Shear sensitive latex emulsion Milk curds
    Sauces Fruit juices
    Industrial chemicals and detergents Starch slurries
    Coating clays Gypsum
    Silicate Paper stocks
    Agricultural slurries


    Features & Benefits


    Quickly and safely remove the full drive train including rotor, stator, shaft, rod, and seal in minutes without physical electrical disconnection.

    EZstrip Access covers– provide 360° access to coupling rod and drive shaft for easy inspection.

    The smooth profile Positive Torque Split Coupling Rod alleviates potential ragging issues, and reduces maintenance
    and assembly times.

    Tie-bar-free design. EZstator clamps lock the stator securely into place. This further reduces stator removal time by over 50% and
    improves the safety of common maintenance operations.

    Captive support foot. The fixed support foot and stator clamp assembly further aids rotor and stator removal.

    Materials of Construction
    Available in cast iron or stainless steel with a choice of rotor and stator materials to suit individual applications.

    No Special Tools Required
    Pump requires only a wrench and an allen key to maintain.

    No De-Rating Required
    Operational parameters unaffected since design has no effect on flow and pressure.

    Eliminate Dismantling Lengths
    Suction and discharge ports remain connected to the pipe work. Easily upgrade from any model PC pump,
    or retrofit an existing EZstrip™ pump model.

    Compatible with new pumps or retrofitted into existing Compact C and B-Range installations.

    Drive Train Assembly
    Pre-assembled drive trains available to support faster reassembly times.


    Performance Data

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