Mono Dosing Pumps


    A new range of dosing pumps offering an efficient, reliable and low maintenance solution for applications where low flow,
    accurate dosing is required. The new Mono dosing pump provides a smooth pumping action with no pulsation and very low shear.

    The pump is ideal for either intermittent or continuous dosing duties in high pressure, low flow applications, and represents a
    cost-effective and reliable alternative to the more expensive gear pumps traditionally used for these types of duties.
    Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standards, the modular design of the new dosing pump allows the four models
    in the range to cover performance requirements from 5 litres per hour up to 1,250 litres per hour and 72 bar pressure.

    Capacity Pressure Temperature
    l/h 5 - 1250 bar 72 °C 120
    gpm 0.02 - 5.5


    Acids Alkalis
    Sludge dewatering Food ingredients
    Brewing Winemaking
    Chemical processing Process mining
    Dyes Inks
    Flocculants Cosmetics

    Features & Benefits
    - Self priming with a gentle non pulsating action to help maintain product integrity
    - New coupling rod design offers higher pressure capabilities, up to 72 bar / 1044 psi
    - All pump components, except the body, coupling rod and suction chamber are supplied in stainless steel
    - The suction chamber is manufactured in high density polyethylene
    - The end cover and mechanical seal housing is PVDF
    - For severe chemical environments, internal pump components are supplied in Hastelloy
    - Resilient stator - flexible in operation and high resistance to wear - available in a variety of materials.
    - Allowing a wide range of products to - be pumped
    - Flow meter available as an option
    - Pumps can be supplied to comply with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

    Performance Data

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